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Salts Massage

body wraps & scrubs

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Lotus Touch Seaweed Wrap


A high potency Sea Kelp & Blue-Green Algae seaweed compression wrap for metabolic stimulation to help hydrate & Detoxify the body. This combined with Willow Bark extract, Aloe Vera Oil, Vitamin E, lavender Oil & a touch of fragrance to life the spirits. Peppermint Scalp Massage & a Cold Stone Face Massage add to the total body relaxation experience.

60 min - $139.99 


Sugar Scrub


Pure, unprocessed brown sugar is derived from sugar cane juice, a natural source of glycolic acid. The granular texture of brown sugar will help to remove dirt and toxins from the skin's outer layer, gently exfoliating dead cells. The scrub will also help improve blood flow to the skin's surface, while jojoba oil will sink in to replenish lost moisture. Leaves body soft & moisturized providing minerals, vitamins and proteins to the skin while it polishes.

25 min - $69.99

Additional massage minutes

$1.00 (10 min minimum)

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Body Scrub & Massage


Our 25 body scrub followed by a 50 minute massage with an intense hydration cream, leaving your skin silky and smooth. Choice of scent.


75 min - $144.99 

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